Hi! I am Alexander Tazh!
I am an interface designer.

I am a full-stack interface designer.

Starting from paper prototyping, through careful consideration of user experience, I design precious high-fidelity layouts, create interactive and animated prototypes, take care of documentation and assets preparation for developers and guide them in the implementation of the interface and the overall system.

I love creating systems and bringing projects to life, to let PEOPLE enjoy them.

I am also a web developer (mostly front-end) and project manager, with over 10 years of experience overall.

Some of my recent projects: Dayes, HiveUp, BetterBest, FancyTimer.ru, Crem.tv

OK! Nice!

What did I do?

I worked in many places. I tried different hats.

Among those is a beer giant SABMiller. Cool place with a great bar right at the workplace and bonuses given as cases of beer! Well, work hard, party harder! 🙂 I was responsible for the Intranet: content creation, design & management.

Also worked in a Russian branch of an established marketing corporation Wunderman, called Actis Wunderman. I started as a client-side developer / content manager, working damn hard, we were supporting all NOKIA’s european websites! Then advanced to a project manager, managing content and development of a few Nokia’s regional websites.

I also worked in other places and gained various skills. See my resume and portfolio for more details.


Let's make it better!

The thing is, this world is both nice and crappy.

We need to improve and change many many things. I blog about that at BetterBest.ru

I, for instance, happen to know how to make better services and better user experiences. I know how to create good user interfaces. So that’s what I do at the moment, mostly.

OK, you are the best!

I worked with: