I'm Alexander Tazh.

I'm a UI/UX/Product designer & manager.

I design products & lead them to full creation.

Leveraging my 13+ years of experience and multi-disciplinary expertise, I effectively mediate between user needs, business objectives and technical feasibility to design and deliver real-life-working products.

Often I not only design the product and everything collateral, but also lead and accompany the product and the team from the ground-up to complete creation and afterwards.

I can also join in at any point along the product way and pick it up from there.

My services:

I design products & perform accompanying design work

I manage projects from ground-up to complete creation and manage them afterwards, as well

I audit products for proper design & user experience

Payment is per hour or fixed price per project..


Fancytimer — a handy and beautiful online timer for any needs. I use it on computer for cooking timing purposes. Much handier than a smartphone timer, especially when the smartphone becomes unresponsive, if your fingers are even slightly wet or dirty!

Crem.tv — watch a daily selection of videos in fullscreen, hassle and click-free. Just navigate to the website and enjoy. P.S.: Not really a daily selection anymore, since I programmed this service to grab videos from 9gag.tv, which is not updated anymore.

Contact me:

Shoot me an email to alexander.tazh@gmail.com

Contact me via Telegram @alexandertazh

Or via Skype: brain.burst