RealFlow mesh problem / mesh export problem

So, you created your emitter, ran simulation, added a mesh and now trying to see those meshes or to export them to wherever you need — C4D, Maya, etc.

But bam! Nothing happens. There are no meshes. You keep fiddling with the program, but nothing happens. Or gives you this error.

Here is how to fix it:


1. Run the simulation WITH the mesh!

Ha! The thing is you need to run the simulation to generate the meshes.

So, actually, it is better to first add all your stuff: emitter, a mesh, connected to this emitter, and click here then run simulate.

After that, you might not even need to export anything, cause your meshes will be available in the project’s meshes folder. So you can grab them from there from C4D, for example.


2. Check that your mesh is connected to your emitter.

If it’s not, rightclick the mesh and choose connect emitters, then choose your emitter.


3. Check that mesh is checked in the export central.

Simple enough, but just make sure it is checked in Export — Export Central.