WishStart.co — manage your wishlist.

Imagine, you are browsing some webstore, for example, Amazon or Ebay. Then you see a nice product that you want to buy, but can’t at the moment. Then just add it to your wishlist! WishStart.co offers you a great way to keep track of the things you want!


I designed the whole website, the whole user experience of this tool.

First, you simply login with Facebook.

Then, you add your wish by simply pasting a link to what you want or by entering it manually:

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If you paste a link, the system parses all the needed data automatically. Nice and easy!

That’s how you create your beautiful wishlist.

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Share your wishlist with friends. They can reserve a wish for you. Surprise each other with the right things!

Orange labels mean that the wish was reserved.

You can mark the wishes as accomplished and they become green! Enjoy tracking your progress:

Keep your wishlist visual with WishStart.co & feel the satisfaction by seeing your green, accomplished wishes!

WishStart.co plans to implement a price comparison widget for each wish, so you can use the best offer to get your wish!