Doctor’s handbook

Справочник врача is a Russian app and website that works as a knowledge database for doctors: you know, a reference book for all the diagnoses, analyses (really not sure I spelled this one right), etc. Also the resource provides fresh news for the medical professionals.

These guys had a mobile app and wanted to create also a website.

So I was summoned to help them with the design.

First things first, we agreed on a flat style and a modern portal kind of look:


Then I designed the Medical Reference: a catalogue of all the illnesses and procedures to deal with them. This is the most essential part of this product.

I decided to use a kind of Metro UI style here.

Instead of boring list, the items are presented in the colorful nice looking boxes. We can also add extra info in the boxes later on.

Here is a 1st variant of the root page (main categories of illnesses):


Here is a slightly different version:


If the users want to, they can switch to a list click here view:


The list of medical calculators is based on the same UI concept. The idea is also that users will remember over time which color corresponds to which particular calculator. Also, special icons for each calculator and for each illness can be designed.


Every filled piece of information in the profile page gets a lively color filling, instead of being empty and dull. That’s how we subtly encourage users to fill in their info.


This is the bookmarks page. User can bookmark almost anything on the website to access it quickly:


Here is one of the medical calculators. There are no clumsy dropdowns and inputs that are hard to enter. All the inputs are visible to users right away. All they need to do is to tap the required option:


That’s it! Stay healthy!