BetterBest — what’s shitty in the world & how can we improve it?

For a few years, I always noticed the problems with services I encountered, with interfaces I used, with design of things, both visual and functional. Even how governmental services work. How stupid some things are. For a few years I was thinking I should start a blog about that: to point out wrong things and come up with solutions. But I did nothing.

Then, finally, in 2015 I started that blog, called it BetterBest, and went on nagging about all the shitty things in the world! As you already understood though, the point is not just to nag, but to offer solutions for this world.


First things first, i grabbed a piece of paper and started brainstorming logo ideas, then concentrated on one idea and started improving it, improving it, improving it..


Finally, I designed a logo, representing BetterBest via double B letters and pointing out improvement with an arrow.


Someone later pointed click here out that it resembles Burton. Total coincidence though, as it happens. It is even better that Burton’s. Burton arrow goes inward, representing somewhat self-centration, while BetterBest points outwards, to the right-upper direction, representing development and openness.

Then I have set up a website, based on WordPress. I used the Gridly theme. As usual, it required a lot of manual tweaking, but at least this theme is responsive and lightweight, although it lacks some stuff and it has some mistakes.


Our cat Barça helped me a lot, by the way!


And finally, after I spent 2-3 days with minimal sleep to set up this blog, it was a Defender_of_the_Fatherland_Day in Russia and I was treated with awesome pie by Nelli. It was really damn good! Nyam.

Ah, and also I decided to grasp the moment and make a cool promo shot:


Check it out at