How to convert photoshop’s custom shape’s stroke to a vectorized path

You have a stroke on your vector shape. You need to resize the shape. The result is bad, because the stroke does not resize proportionally. Photoshop does not have the feature of expanding appearance, like in Illustrator. So what you can do is save the file as .eps format, open it in Illustrator and then grab the shape from there, with the stroke vectorized! Ta-daa!

Trip to Andorra

Well, we couldn’t be stuck in Lloret de Mar anymore.

So, we rented a scooter, hopped on it, and went to Andorra with Alisa.

Wind in the face, breathtaking views…

And if we didn’t run out of Gas and had to drag the scooter on the Highway, I’d call this trip perfect. 🙂

But honestly, I don’t advise you to travel 500km by scooter (250 each way)!

Check out our home video film of the trip!