Interaction design task: prepare hotels for an inspection


There is a company ‘HotelRate’. It is hired by hotels to conduct an inspection and find out how prepared the hotel is for the real upcoming ‘5 diamonds’ inspection. The task is to design an interactive report that is given after the inspection to the hotel managers and help the hotel managers achieve 2 objectives:

  1. How good / bad is my hotel? – “How prepared am I for the ‘5 diamond’ inspection?”
  2. What should I do in this last month to prepare for the official rating inspection? – “I obviously can’t fix everything, what should I do?!”

There are 3000 rules that the hotel is checked against. There might be hundreds of thousands of issues reported. So, 1 rule can have multiple issues.


We provide a table view with 2 levels. First level is the rule level. Second level is the issues level. We clearly show severity of the problems. We provide flexibility by enabling sorting and filtering the data. And we show how much percentage is missing for the 5 diamond status.


First we show all the rules that were broken.

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