Trip to Andorra

Well, we couldn’t be stuck in Lloret de Mar anymore.

So, we rented a scooter, hopped on it, and went to Andorra with Alisa.

Wind in the face, breathtaking views…

And if we didn’t run out of Gas and had to drag the scooter on the Highway, I’d call this trip perfect. 🙂

But honestly, I don’t advise you to travel 500km by scooter (250 each way)!

Check out our home video film of the trip!

SkypePhone: Retro phone handset for home & office!

I present you the first idea of a series of concepts that I decided to share with you, dear readers!

Imagine: you spend a lot of time on the computer at home or in the office? You often call on Skype? You need to discuss something with colleagues? To communicate with relatives from another country? Do not be glued to the computer anymore!
  • Walk around the housr and Call from anywhere in the house! From the balcony! From the kitchen! From the roof!
  • Cordless handset is equipped with a display and buttons fizichiskimi.
  • Recharged by USB!
skypephone_sketch_production_v1 Why SkypePhone is cooler than regular mobile smartphone?
  • Cool retro accessory!
  • Smart device, tailored for only working with communications features and applications: it ensures greater stability than the buggy mobile apps.
  • You can use it in sync with the application on your computer: for example, you exchange data via your computer and then talking via SkypePhone.
  • You can use SkypePhone for any other purpose: communication in the webinars, chat on webcam sites, etc. Skype, & support many alternative applications.